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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 19, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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light rain drops coming down in the north bay this morning, part of a larger system moving into the bay area later on today. what that ride to work will look like coming up. >> well, on the calendar year which has been the driest ever, there's been a little bit of rain to the north. are we going to get a little more rain or is this another all show and no go. >> one man is dead after a shootout involving deputies at a guerneville resort. we'll tell you the latest. >> plus noisy planes causing some wild complaints. how one city on the peninsula is fighting for the sound of silence. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, here's a live look at rohnert park, basically
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a street lamp there, and it was drizzling about an hour ago, and it looks like it's still drizzling a little bit right now as we look at the reflection from the streetlamp and the little bit of rain coming down. we'll be checking with steve to see, you know, where the rain's heading, if it's going to be hitting bait area today or not. good morning, welcome to ktvu morning news. i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. topping our news at 6:00, our long dry spell, at least in some areas may be coming to an end. rain is finally in the bay area forecast, just not as much as we expected. we do have live team coverage for you this morning, ktvu's alex savidge standing by live in sonoma county. sal, of course is watching the roads. but first let's check in with steve paulson with the forecast. all right. thank you very much. very little rain up in the north bay and everywhere else it's just cloudy. now this afternoon things look better, maybe after noon or so this system might drop a little south. ukiah picked up a quarter of an inch of rain.
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18/100 and 21 in forestville, 15, santa rosa 10. haven't had any reports from a couple other russian rivers. a little bit of rain trying to work its way in. there's not much to work with right now. everything's to the north. there's plenty of moisture out here, and there's a lot of rain farther to the north as you head up towards eureka, arcadia, ferndale's picked up a half of inch of rain. the moisture ban is stalled out to the north. that's why the north bay is in line a little bit. this afternoon this dips for a enough south we'll get the rest of the bay area in on some rain. temperatures in the 50s. they're not going to move. there's plenty cloud cover out here but you want to see little bit more in the way of dynamics, jet stream overall. i think we get a better opportunity late tonight and tomorrow. you can see the stream of moisture coming in. it will be a cloudy day, gray day, cloudy, mild, off and on rain, again favoring areas to the north bay. the breeze has picked up out of the southeast and temperatures today will be really mild for
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some, especially santa clara valley to the east by 50s to the north here. >> steve, we have a problem in san jose on the border here. a big rig ran into the sound wall. there it is, a little dark but you can see this truck ran into the sound wall, and the traffic is backing up as caltrans' crews are going to put out a hard closure. right now it's flares but pretty soon they're going to put up a batch of cones out there. 680 northbound coming in from san jose is jam packed in all the lanes. this is an unusual slowdown. this is a slowdown that really gets people not counting on it, backed up for a mile. not all that bad. that's the noncommute direction. you can use 880, a pretty decent alternate. use 880, go up to mission. cut across using mission, and then you'll avoid all this slow traffic that you're probably not used to seeing at this time
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of the morning. let's go to another part of the bay, this is the bay bridge tollways the metering lights are on. traffic backed up for a 10 minute delay. we talked about the south bay and how 680, there was a crash there northbound 101 a little bit of slow traffic approaching the 280 interchange. b.a.r.t., caltrain, muni, good options today. no delays. thank you sal. we now continue our storm watch coverage with ktvu's alex savidge live in sonoma county where light rain was falling early this morning. alex joins us to let us know what the weather is like now. you bring up a good point that even with a little rain it could still cause traffic problems. >> reporter: yeah, it could. we had kind of a brief burst of rain in rohnert park about 5 or 10 minutes ago. it appears as though that small cell blow over the top of us. as we push in here, this is 101 southbound, the cars coming towards you right now, this is the southbound commute, and you know, the cell that moves through this area left some moisture out on the roadways here, so the roads are fairly
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slick at this point. you're definitely going to want to take it easy as you're heading out the door. with that being said most of the rainfall in the north bay and for most folks across the bay area, it will be a dry commute today. still a lot more rain is coming, and that means you're going to want to take it easy on the roads. will we get a decent soaking here in the bay area, it tends to lead to more accidents with those slick roads. as this storm arrives, the chp is urging everyone to take it slow and leave extra room between you and that car in front of you. >> an average vehicle at 60 miles an hour it's going to take you 132 feet to stop. most people don't follow that far back ever. >> reporter: about a half inch or more is expected over the next couple of days, and of course it is badly needed. water agencies here in the bay area are ready for this rainfall. the past year has been a very dry one. in fact, one of the driest calendar years on record. so bay area water district hoping for a wet winter.
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hoping this will be the beginning of a wet winter to ensure there is no rationing that has to take place next year. of course you want to take it easy out there, even with light sprinkles like what we're seeing here in rohnert park this morning. those roads can get slick. good idea to be careful if you head out. live this morning in rohnert park, alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. thanks alex. rain in the bay area usually means snow in the sierra and a winter storm is now making its way towards the lake tahoe area. 5 to 10 inches of snow is expected in the sierra over the next few days. great news for skiers. this is video from the last time heavy snow fell in the mountains a few days before halloween. steve is tracking the rain and we'll have updates throughout the morning. you can get the latest weather information on our web site at you'll find links to our storm tracker 2 radar on the front page. time now 6:07. a standoff in the north bay has ended. deputies found the body inside a rental cabin. this is a still developing
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story and ktvu's tara moriarty is live in guerneville with the details of this. good morning tara. >> reporter: we're here near the river lane cabins where police have extended the perimeter within the last couple of minutes and petaluma police have arrived on scene. we're not sure why. if you take a look behind me, you can see sonoma county sheriff's deputies have maybe three blocks now blocked off here as they try to complete this investigation. we're not sure if the body of the man who was killed has been removed yet. we're told that last night all of this unfolded around 11:30. a 9-1-1 call came from the cabins, and deputies surrounded the area just before midnight. officials say that the suspect fired so deputies returned fire and after the shootout, a s.w.a.t. team and k-9 searched the area and found the suspect an hour and a half later. he had been shot and killed. whether he was the one who pulled the trigger or the
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deputies that is now part of the investigation. we're waiting to hear back from the sonoma county sheriff's department to learn more and we'll let you know what we find out. live from guerneville i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. police in palo alto will soon be wearing body mounted video cameras when they're out there patrolling the streets. in a unanimous vote, the city council approved buying those body cameras. at first just nine police officers will wear them. mostly on motorcycle patrol. the cameras should help record evidence. it will also increase police officer safety and their accountability. it's part of a $300,000 camera upgrade for palo alto. patrol cars will also get new cameras. they'll be facing in all four directions. one person facing dui charges after a crash that sent three people to the hospital including an 8-year-old child. about 8:30 last night, police stay a pickup truck hit the back of a taurus on concord avenue in concord. police say both cars rolled and
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crashed into light poles. the pickup truck is used for pool maintenance and small quantities of basic pool chemicals spilled on to the road. the hazmat team responded and cleaned everything up. police say the driver of that small car was arrested. 6:09, continues coverage now of the tornadoes that hit the mid-west. eight people are now confirmed dead. this video was shot by a man in washington illinois. that was one of the areas hardest hit by the severe weather. people are now returning to their homes to see what's left. they say the storms hit with very little warning and some people had lost everything. >> terrifying. you just don't think that things like this will happen. >> national weather service now saying about 80 tornadoes were reported across 12 states and people are doing what they can to help those affected. in fact, this facebook page was created to reunite people with
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lost items. the page is called returning memories to tornado victims. it was started by a man in indiana. he says personal belongings such as photos and diplomas are being found by people up to 100 miles away from storm damaged areas. the found items are posted on a facebook page where they are hopefully recognized and returned to the rightful owners. the chp is investigating a weekend death of a u.s. forest service firefighter in ewe baa county. 32-year-old michael kelly was hit and killed early saturday morning on marysville road near the small town of camptonville. it appears he was accidentally hit by a car that some members of his fire crew were riding in. alcohol may have been a factor. and there may be arrests depending on toxicology results. 6:11, airport noise at san carlos airport will be the focus of the atherton city council meeting tomorrow. the executive service launched in june by surf air causes
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thunder like noise that rattles homes. the airline's being asked to fly its planes parallel to highway 101 and closer to san fransisco bay. however, officials say that move would simply shift the noise problem to redwood city. the city of san fransisco sent almost a million dollars cleaning up parks last year. the san fransisco examiner reports more than 365,000 was spent painting over graffiti. 378,000 was also spent cleaning up illegal dumping in golden gate park. the parks officials are using the high cost of the cleanup to make their case for closing city parks overnight. the critics of that plan say it would have a big impact on the home,. concerns about the safety of tesla's popular car are growing, the changes the company is making. >> and a new apology from toronto's mayor, why he says he knocked down a member of city
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council. >> news chopper 2 looking at a problem in san jose on the way out of the valley. a slowdown you're not used to seeing. find out how you can get around this problem on 680. >> there's a little bit of rain up in the north bay, rohnert park and petaluma picking up a little bit. you can see some on radar and probably also some in guerneville. will this continue. i love watching tv outside.
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good morning. a little it bit of rain is falling. russian river, when things get cranking it can get going there. duncan mills, guerneville a little bit of rain. unfortunately it looks like there's a little bit of a break. this won't last too long if you're up there. >> time now 6:15. toronto city council stripped embattled mayor rob ford of most of his powers after he admitted smoking crack cocaine and driving under the influence. >> in this heated city council meeting counsel members voted overwhelmingly to cut the mayor's budget by 60 personality and reassign his staff. he knocked down one of the city council members while racing to confront a heckler. mayor ford later apologized to the city council. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. i do. >> i'm asking you to apologize to counselor -- >> yes, absolutely.
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absolutely. it was a complete accident. i do sincerely apologize to you counselor mcconnell. >> toronto city council doesn't have the power to remove mayor ford from office. he says he will run for reelection and even hopes to become prime minister one day. it is 6:16. the national security agency says it broke its own surveillance rules and repeatedly promised a u.s. intelligence court there would be additional safety measures. that's according to newly declassified court records. in 2009 the nsa admitted it collected material improperly after repeatedly promising that it would obey the court's rules. the obama administration published the heavily censored files last night as part of an ongoing civil liberties lawsuit challenging the nsa's collection of phone records. >> tonight the oakland city council is expected to decide if it will move ahead with plans for a controversial surveillance center. a federal grant would pay for a center that would allow police officers and firefighters to monitor dozens of traffic and
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surveillance cameras across the city. supporters say these cameras would dramatically improve the city's response to crime and emergencies. a critic cites privacy concerns and worries the cameras would turn oakland into a police state. 6:17. an east bay mom is bringing attention to bullying with an online video of her daughter being beaten up. kate benedixon says she could only watch this one time. her 15-year-old daughter is being pushed and punched by another female student. both go to dougherty valley high school in san ramon. ben dixon said the other girl had been harassing her daughter and the school needs to do more to stop bullies. >> they did do some things. those things were conflict resolution where they'd bring both girls in the office and talk to them, but within an hour of leaving the office, the other girl began bullying again. it was not an effective strategy.
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>> she says the harassment started weeks ago when her daughter stopped some other girls from giving marijuana to a younger student. the school says it is investigating. it is 6:18. want to check in with sal. how are things going on highway 4? it is a little bit slow tori and dave and highway 4 in this whole area of contra costa county is getting slow as it normally does. it's just kind of weird when it's dark now. remember in the summer when it was nice and light at this time. now it's all dark, it's all slow. i don't mean to depress you. turn on a good song when you get into the car or something. southbound 680 as you head down to 24 is not all that bad. i like to go with the ocean by led zeppelin personally. let's go out and take a look at westbound bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza. 15 to 20 minutes. there are no major problems on the bridge itself. it's not bad. steve and i have been talking about the rain that may come a little later, and that means that the commute will be affected, even if it's just a little bit of rain it's usually
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correlated with a lot of crashes. talking about the rest of the bay area, 580's already slow coming in off the atmont pass, a couple of fender benders. 880 is already slow as you head to hayward, and then when you get to the peninsula, traffic on 101 is gad. we have been talking about northbound 680 montague expressway where there's a truck crash into the shoulder. we'll tell you more about that the next time. i want to mention there are b.a.r.t. delays, 10 to 15 minute delays on the bay fair line, into dublin, pleasanton and fremont directions due to an equipment problem on a train. >> sal,. >> yes, sir, there's a little bit of rain. >> there it is. >> littles by. not much. we'll take whatever we can get. up towards guerneville there's been a little bit. officer steven fricke said rain petaluma. now that i mentioned his name he has to buy coffee for his
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fellow officers. petaluma guerneville a little bit of rain, cloudy, light rain to the north, a nice e-mail from someone i know. she said i hate it when it rains on highway 4. it's not raining on highway 4. you're okay. everything is to the north. later things will pick up as this band sags south a little bit rain will move south. i hope it makes it into san san jose. there's been okay rain on the north coast, fern ukiah a quarter of an inch, coo knock tie 21/100s. so it's been about a quarter inch in lake county. probably about 2/10 by now and santa rosa a tenth of an inch. still a band there but unfortunately there's not a lot upstream yet. so these are just little bands and there's going to be a break. it's one of those wait 5 minutes and i think it will end. little bit falling in parts of sonoma county, a little bit in marin county, no reports yet and that's it for now.
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temperatures are in the 50s. they're not going to budge. they're stuck for the rest of the morning here. lots of cloud cover. there's plenty of moisture here. there's just -- you know, i wish the jet stream was a little better. a little more lifting in the atmosphere, that's just not happening. our forecast model does bring rain in later. by this evening it moves south. the band is stalled which is why it's bringing most of it in this evening, and things are -- little bands scoot through, boots scoot through in the north bay. now by wednesday afternoon it's gone thursday, everything clears out of here and we're back to sunny and dry and windy. right there is the main band. it's trying. it's trying but i think later more so than now. 39 in tahoe. snow level around 7500 feet. this will not be much of a snow event for those at lake level. 65 right now. i mean it's just a warm system, not a cold system at all. a little cooler air moves in tomorrow, not a lot. cloudy and mild, rain to the
6:23 am
north, north bay a little bit. farther south just clouds. i think most of the morning commute you're fine unless you're up north and you get these bands going. the breeze has picked up mainly out of the southeast. to the north probably upper 50s or soft 60s, but other areas will get a little warmer, livermore 64, brentwood 62, 65 gilroy, morgan hill. might have to wait a long time to get rain down there. maybe tonight if at all. 64 menlo park, d. c. at 60 degrees. cloudy with rain today moving south tonight. a little bit better dynamics tomorrow so i think the possibility is a little better there, then clearing thursday, windy, warmer back to sunny as we head to friday and the weekend. time is 6:23. a tedly shoot -- deadly shooting outside a san fransisco club, what we're now hearing about a possible motive. >> and labor groups working to make black friday a slower than normal shopping day at the world's largest retailer.
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it is 6:26. people in the philippines are now trying to identify all the people killed in typhoon haiyan. morticians say there's a mass grave of bodies and are taking photos and making nets of such things as clothes and jewelry to help identify them, and they're working at a rate of 15
6:27 am
bodies an hour. more than 3900 people are are reportedly dead. haiyan is the strongest typhoon ever recorded on the planet. time is 6:26. there are calls for a national boycott of wal-mart on black friday. labor groups home to get wal- mart's attention with a weaker than usual kickoff to the holiday shopping season. organizers of the boycott want to draw attention to wal-mart workers low pay. experts say the average hourly pay is just $8.80. we did call wal-mart asking about this planned boycott. so far we've received no answer. today the san jose rehearing of the apple samsung damages case moves into its final phase. closing arguments are scheduled for this morning. then the jury will start deliberations. jurors must decide how much money samsung owes apple for patent i think fringe. s. in washington d. c. yesterday a 3 judge panel gave new life to apple's request
6:28 am
that some samsung products be banned from sale in this country. apple says those products use some of the technology and ideas covered by apple patents. new concerns about safety in the oakland hills, what we're learning about fire inspections and why the report claims the fire department is not doing enough. >> and we're seeing some light rain in the north bay this morning. we're at rohnert park monitoring the situation along highway 101. when more rain is expected to move into the area so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app.
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so you can.
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it is 6:30, and just had the opening bell there on wall street. the new york stock exchange, and the nasdaq and after briefly touching new milestones for the dow and s&p yesterday stocks are opening slightly higher this morning. we'll have a check on those numbers in just a moment. and good morning thanks for joining us on ktvu channel 2
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news. it is tuesday, november 19th. i'm tori campbell. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. time is just about 6:30. let's check weather and traffic now. steve, what are you seeing out there? >> a lot of clouds and very little rain. now guerneville, russian river area, it can rain like you know what up there if things get cranked up. there's a little bit of rain. we'll take anything we can get. these are just little bands coming through. 0.01 has fallen in nevada. there's nothing solid yet. this is a lot of cloud cover. rain has been pretty good on the north coast. we would like to see that sag south a little bit. later on maybe it will. this is the focus of the heavier rain, towards arcadia crescent city. for us a lot of cloud cover, not much rain. it's trying to move in a little bit. things are beginning to juice up the atmosphere. we're banking on a lot of cloud cover and not much in the way of lift or jet stream to help
6:32 am
us. this should help a little later. more so to the north bay and the morning. for everyone else by this afternoon, these are very light amounts. there's some breaks in here. that's the main band. we need that to get down here. doesn't look impressive. a little cloudy, mild, off and on rain. maybe little bit. so far it's all in the north bay. a little breezy at times. 50s for some, mid-60s for others. all right. and right now the traffic is going to be moving along slowly in some areas although as steve has been mentioning we don't have rain out there yet. the traffic is going to be busy. we also do have a look at the commute here on the highway 4 commute that the traffic is not all that bad, and i do want to mention that i had forgot to put the chopper in the lineup, but if you guys can put it up after that b.a.r.t. slide. there it is, thank you guys. dave and ken. northbound 680 montague expressway, that truck ran into the sound wall and 680 is a
6:33 am
mess here in san jose. driving up from san jose towards mill pee das, this is a slow down you normally don't see we're going to stay on it and watch for a mile of backup. the alternate is 880 to mission boulevard. b.a.r.t. has 10 to 15 minute delays because of an equipment problem. caltrans and muni are doing well. thank you sal. and as steve just told you our 2-month dry spell for at least some parts of the bay area may be coming to an end. rain is finally in the forecast. ktvu's alex savidge live in sonoma county where early this morning, you did see some light rain. what's it like out there now? >> right now,tive, we are dry. at least nothing falling from the sky as we speak. we have had some off and on showers for the last couple of hours since we arrived here in rohnert park. what has come down has been enough to make the roads a little bit wet here as we push in here highway 101. this is the southbound direction of traffic you're looking at right now. the car is coming towards you
6:34 am
on the screen. enough moisture on the roads that you're really going to want to take it easy out there. the commute will be mostly dry for people around the bay area. eventually, though more rain coming. want to show you a live picture now. this is from guerneville where there are light showers coming down as we speak. anytime we get a decent soaking here in the bay area, it does tend to lead to a lot of accidents with slick roads and as this storm arrives, the chp asking everyone to take it slow, leave extra room between you and the car in front of you. one driver we talked to this morning told me he is extra cautious when it rains. >> you're ready for more rain? >> yeah. i'm fine with that. >> rain means snow and i can't wait to go skiing. >> >> reporter: about a half urge or maybe more is expected to come down over the next couple of days around the bay area and it's badly needed. a lot of the water agencies are ready for this rainfall. the past year has been a very
6:35 am
dry one, in fact one of the driest calendar years on record here in the bay area. all those water districts waiting for more rain to begin to fall. we are standing by live here in the north bay waiting for more rain to arrive here, but most of it expected to arrive later on today. live this morning in rohnert park, alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:34. this first real rain of the season, it's also raising concerns about possible landslides. two months ago that big wildfire on the eastern slopes of the mountain near clayton burned 3700 acres. now erosion experts are warning the rains could trigger landslides on the charred slopes where there's no longer any vegetation to hold the soil. however they say it would take a lot of rain to cause any major landslide problems. the 19991 oakland hills fire is something many hope won't ever happen again. however, a not enough is being
6:36 am
done to prevent it. brian flores joining us live out in the oakland hills now. what are the concerns in that report, brian? >> hi, dave, good morning. the audit report basically states that the oakland fire department needs to do more in things like inspections and clearing outrush, especially out here in the oakland hills. with the exception of today it's typically very dry. the fire back in 1991 killed 25 people, destroyed 3,000 properties but a recent oakland city audit found that there is a "lackluster culture" when it comes to inspecting the more than 20,000 homes here in the hills. city auditor courtney ruby tells the oakland tribune this is important because peoples' lives are at stake. they found a lack of quality control when it came to inspections. property owners in the hills are responsible for taking care of the overgrown vegetation that could pose a fire threat. if it's not taken care of, the city could hire an outside contractor is then bill the owners. the audit found only 11% were
6:37 am
meaning hundreds of other homes left unsafe. the audit also found that budget cuts were also partly to blame as some inspectors hours were reduced to part-time status. take it back out here live, just recently east bay voters rejected a $78 a year property tax. help fund wildfire prevention and a small portion for inspections. we are live here in the oakland hills, brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. it is 6:36. 36 we're following develops news in the north bay. a standoff has come to an end after deputies found a body in a rental cabin. tara moriarty is live in guerneville where there's been police activity all morning. good morning tara. >> reporter: we're here near the river lane cabins where the sonoma county sheriff's deputies have not only cordoned off the grounds but three entire city blocks are right here near the heart of downtown guerneville and you can see there's a petaluma police car on scene as well. we're not sure why, we did put a call into them but haven't
6:38 am
heard back yet. officials have pushed us back a block so they are expanding the perimeter. we're not sure why. if we take a look at this video, we've not seen a corner van, so we believe that the body is on resort grounds. we understand that all of this unfolded around 11:30 last night. a 9-1-1 call came in, reports of a man armed, deputies surrounded the area just before midnight, and officials say the suspect fired so deputies returned fire. after the shootout a s.w.a.t. team and k-9s searched the area and found the suspects. the suspects had been shot and killed, but whether he was the one who pulled the trigger or deputies, ha is now part of this investigation. we're waiting to hear back from the sonoma county sheriff's department to learn more and we'll let you know what we find out. live from guerneville, i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. 6:38. we are learning more about the victims in the deadly crash on interstate 880.
6:39 am
one was 64-year-old zeng long liu of hayward. the other former oakland raiders linebacker thomas howard. the crash happened before 1:00 yesterday morning on southbound 880 in oakland. howard was traveling northbound at speeds of more than 100 miles an hour when he lost control, flipped into the southbound lanes and collided with liu. his wife received the news while she was on vacation in china. >> she was in shock, and she was -- she was crying so bad. >> howard who played with the raiders from 2006 until 2010 was on his way home from a comedy show when the crash happened, and he had just been released last week from the atlanta falcons. former teammates say he was a good friend and will be missed. time now 6:39. we're learning new information about the sunday morning shooting in san fransisco's soma district that left one woman dead and another woman critically hurt. police say the women were shot in a parking lot at 6th and
6:40 am
jesse streets sunday morning after an argument with another driver. that driver is accused of firing 15 shots at their car injuring danisha bean and killing her 23-year-old passenger melquiesha warren. >> and she went around to where my babies were. my baby had her hands up like this praying for her life, and he shot her in the head in the face. >> warren would have turned 24 years old this coming saturday. family members now plan to hold a vigil in her memory instead of the celebration they were planning. also happening today, family members and friends of a missing girl will gather in hayward marking a tragic 25th 25th anniversary. on november 19th, 1988 a man justified out of a parked car and kidnapped 9-year-old makayla garrett outside a grocery store on mission
6:41 am
boulevard. since then hayward police have followed up on thousands of tips and hundreds of leads but no sign to have that missing girl. police are still looking for her kidnapper. this morning's vigil will be held outside the same grocery store where the kidnapping occurred 25 years ago. the faculty of san jose state university want the csu chancellor to investigate how the university is being run. they say there have been several problems with communication and transparency over the past year, but they add they're not trying to remove university president mohammad kayomi. the president says he welcomes the revie. our time now 6:41. george zimmerman back behind bars. >> he has a freaking gun breaking all my stuff right now. >> the 9-1-1 call that led to another arrest and new charges. >> tesla motors is making changes in response to mounting concerns regarding car fires. we'll tell you what the three
6:42 am
new actions are. >> we do have a big problem in san jose trying to get out towards the is a knoll grade. this truck badly damaged ran into the sound wall and now that ramp is closed and 680 is a mess. we'll tell you how to get around the problem. >> well, good morning, a lot of cloud cover, and not much rain. there's been a little bit here. a little band moving through marin county. we'll take a look and see if there's anymore coming up in 3 or 4 minutes. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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some rain moving through a little bit, not a lot. nava toe marin county into napa pennsylvania that county. after this band it will be another break. >> thank you steve. 6:44. tesla motors is making changes after reports of three electric car fires in the last two months. ktvu's janine de la vega is live in san jose to tell us what the company's ceo is now saying. good morning janine. >> good morning, well, ceo elan musk calls the media coverage of recent fires outrageous. he says that he is calling for a federal investigation to prove there is no link to the fires. now three recent crashes of the model s that resulted in fires in six weeks sparked concerns.
6:46 am
the national highway traffic administration opted not to investigate. now at tesla motor's request it is conducting a probe to see if any safety defect exists in certain model s vehicles. he stands behind the safety record of its car and its top ratings in crash tests. in tesla's blog it states since the model s went into production there have been more than a quarter million gasoline car fires in the u.s. resulting in 400 deaths. in the three model s fires which occurred after a high speed collision there were no serious injuries or deaths. musk says "we believe the evidence is clear that there is no safer car on the road than the model s. tesla is still choosing to make a change to the model s giving it higher ground clearance to reduce the chances of debris striking the battery pack and it's amounting its warranty policy to cover damage due to a fire even if it's due to driver error.
6:47 am
musk does not expect federal regulators to find problems but is ready to make improvements if they're needed. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:46. george zimmerman arrested again in florida, and this morning we're hearing the 9-1-1 call his girlfriend made after he allegedly assaulted her. >> i'm doing this again? you just broke my glass table. you just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my fricken face. get out of my house. do not push me out of my house. >> and george zimmerman is due to appear in court later today after being charged with felony aggravated assault and two misdemeanors. he was arrested in seminole county florida. his girlfriend claimed he upon thed a gun at her during an argument. zimmerman told police his girlfriend is pregnant. but she denied that. tonight people living at a san fransisco housing complex will hold a rally right outside the mission district police station. this follows a violent confrontation between police
6:48 am
and residents of valencia garden apartments on friday. this was caught on tape. a lot of residents claim police brutality. they say the police officers overreacted while trying to arrest a man for illegally riding a bike on the sidewalk. police say their officers used reasonable force against an angry crowd that was getting out of hand. the latest attempt to stop violent crime in oakland is a plan police tried before with poor results. >> it hasn't been effective so far, and there's no -- there's really no information suggesting it's effective. >> that is reinforced in this audit we obtained by 2 investigates. tonight at 5, we'll take you through the audit, show you how the crime fighting strategy is supposed to work and why oakland police insist this time there will be better results. here's a look at some new stories coming up on mornings on 2. a drug boom at pet low ma schools. why school officials say they've seen a dramatic rise of
6:49 am
marijuana on campuses and the new measures they may institute to stop it. >> there's a new chapter to the 49ers seahawks rivalry, and san fransisco fans won't be happy about it. what a seattle fan will be allowed to put at the new stadium in santa clara for everyone to see. and. >> and a pig problem gets worse this one bay area city. the damage the wild animals are leaving behind on the ground and in the pocketbooks of local residents. it's all coming up on mornings on 2 in about 15 minutes. >> all right. time now 6:49. traffic, sal's not smiling about what's happening on 680 in san jose now. >> it is slow, dave and tori. good morning. northbound 680 because of a truck that crashed into a wall. look at this backup, news chopper 2 is showing us a long backup, cars barely moving coming up to the montague expressway exit here just at the san jose milpitas, that ramp is closed and chopper 2 just showing us the backup
6:50 am
there coming up to the montague expressway because of that truck crash. alternate route is to use 880 north and then cut across back to 680 using mission boulevard and that would be a much better way than sitting in this traffic and as news chopper 2 comes close here, you can see there is the closure, caltranss is there and there is the truck that ran into the wall. it's going to be there for a bit i'm afraid. let's move along and take a look at southbound 101, marin county, gnaw injury crash at, southbound 101 backing up approaching the tip ron exit. at the bay bridge toll plaza the backup is 15 minutes. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you're welcome steve. >> all righty. a very good morning everybody. some rain a little bit, not a lot. david up in novato said coming down good. cloudy rain mainly in the north bay, kind of going parallel.
6:51 am
might -- hercules picking up a little bit of rain. rain moves south by this evening into you remember to. the system is losing a lot of punch. we'll take whatever we can get , again, we need a bigger system than this to really do much, but we'll -- any rain is good. any rain is good, i know there's not a lot. santa rosa picked up a 10th of an inch. i need a report from guerneville, somebody out there, come on write me or tweet me. sp weather, konocti 0.21. you can see some of these little weak bands. there's nothing consistent. little pockets, hit and miss and it's gone. that's what's happened in petaluma. we're getting rain moving into marin county, towards guerneville. now they're gone. there's not a lot upstream yet. the little band that's holding together right now is moving through marin county. 0.03, i know it's not much. there you can see the rain. there are some pockets where it picks up. when you see the yellow it started to move into marin county. it might hit highway 4 inches
6:52 am
towards concord. it's starting to rain in hercules, there's a little bit. upstream there's another -- they go through and they're gone. we need something steady. 50s on the temps, very mild system. it's motte cold whatsoever. there's been good rain on the north coast, heavier rain has been up towards crescent city. ferndale, there's been a little bit of rain. i know northern mendocino cloud has had some. see the heavier rain, it's tonight. let's hope this makes it. this system has stalled out a little bit. we need it to drop south. i want to see more in the way of dynamics. by thursday it will be out of here. we will go windy and warm again, it's quiet until the end of the month. that's true. that's the main -- see that? this is just not that impressive. so remember the old days when those fronts came in and you went, wow, it's going to rain. that's not happening with this one. 39 in tahoe. this is a warm system, way up there. 39, that tells you everything you need to know. 6500 feet i think going up to
6:53 am
7500 feet. cloudy today, off and on rain. it will pick up a little later. a little later for those peninsula east bay south bay, there's some in the north bay right now but mainly cloudy and mild with off and on rain points north. highs 50s for some. if you're in that cloud cover, that rain, if you get that south wind and cloud cover you're in the low to mid-60s. gilroy, 65, 63 syria 63 saratoga. cloudy with possibly come through tomorrow, might help trigger some shower activity. thursday it clears out. friday, saturday, windy and warmer. >> okay. steve. time now 6:53. targeting san fransisco tourists, the hot spots for car break-ins and how some drivers are making it just too easy for thieves. >> plus changing the way
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
on wall street a mixed reading on consumer spending. home depot's stock is up with the recovering real estate market helping sales. best buy shares are falling sharply and campbells soup has missed its badly on its quarterly profit. taking a live look at the big board, the dough is up right now. 17 getting close to that 16,000
6:57 am
mark, the nasdaq and s&p are flat. california drivers planning to drive to their thanksgiving destination can give thanks for lower gas prices. we're paying about $0.04 a gallon less than last week. an average of $3.68 in santa rosa and oakland the cost is $3.57. the lowest local price at $3.54. drivers in other parts of the country have seen gas prices increase $0.04 in the last week. an investigation finds a big jump in car break-ins in san fransisco. break-ins are up 31% this year. more than 13,000 cars very burglarized. the hot spots include lombard street, fisherman's wharf and the embarcadero. those thieves are looking for valuables left out in plain view. >> we saw people looking into cars, looking into back windows of cars, doing behaviors that
6:58 am
are abnormal for the average joe walking down the street. >> now police warn all drivers don't leave anything in your cars, even in a parking garage. a new machine popping up at airports around the country, that will replace security personnel who watch exits but it's causing a lot of confusion. with the detention pods, passengers leaving the terminal go into an elevator like machine. you wait for the doors to open so you can leave. they're made of bullet proof glass. they can hold up to 6 people. some passengers say these pods slow down foot traffic, but the airport commission says passengers will get used to them. coming up on mornings on 2, two months of bone dry weather finally coming to an end. we'll have team coverage of the light rain that's falling in parts o'. bay area this morning. also a quiet russian river community shattered by an overnight police standoff and shootout. what authorities found after that standoff. stay right here with us.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> reporter: light rain falling right now in the north bay. we'll tell you what the roads look like in this area and how drivers say they plan to change their driving habits -- coming up. in


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